Open source flat file cms

Multilanguage, seo optimized and with visual page bulder

Blozilla cms is a Open Source flat file cms written in php. It not use a database but a simple .txt files. You can easy install the script copying via ftp the files in your webspace and change (chmod 777) folder permissions of a lot of folder.


Drag & Drop visual page builder


Integrated with a custom visual editor html. A visual editor help you a create html page with drap drop elements.

Full features

Super fast

Blozilla cms is lightweight (only 120kb) and super fast.

Full html content

You can add html content using tinymce editor. No limit.

No Database

Blozilla cms is a "flat file" CMS, meaning no database woes, no MySQL.

Media manager

You can upload and edit with aviary image editor the images.

Optimized for seo

All link and meta tag are optimized for seo.

Multi language

You can create a website in all languages you want.